Woolly Vet Care

A Neighborhood Dog and Cat Clinic


Hill's Prescription Diets (most available in multiple sizes of dry as well as individual and cases of canned):
  • I/D (regular and low fat)
  • A/D
  • C/D
  • K/D
  • R/D
  • W/D
  • H/D
  • U/D
  • D/D
  • T/D
  • J/D
  • M/D
  • Y/D
Hill's Science Diets:


  • Kitten (under 1-year-old)- Healthy Development
  • Adult (1-6 years)- Optimal Care, also available in Ocean fish and Rice recipie
  • Mature Adult (7-13 years)- Active Longevity
  • Senior (14+ years)- Age Defying


  • Small and Toy Breed- foods for all life stages, with specificaly tailored nutrition for small and toy breeds, in small bites as well as a variety of canned foods 
  • Healthy Development- puppy, also available in Lamb and Rice formula
  • Advanced Fitness- Adult small bites, also in Lamb and Rice formula
  • Healthy Advantage- puppy, large breed puppy, and adult